1. Lending Services: This involves the loaning out of books to the users of the library (usually students and faculty) for a period of time after which the books are returned to the library.
  • Full –time Lecturers can borrow a maximum of six (6) books for a semester.
  • Part – time Lecturers can also borrow a maximum of four (4) books for a semester.
  • Students are entitled to a maximum of two (2) books for a period of two (2) weeks.
  1. Accession Bulletin: A quarterly Accession Bulletin covering all the current books that have been acquired by the Library is usually published on the Library’s website. A hard copy of the Accession Bulletin can also be accessed in the Library.
  2. Acquisition: The Librarian in collaboration with faculty , staff and students select relevant books and journals for the library
  • Click here to make suggestion ( a link to acquisition form)
  1. Reprographic Services: The library provides the opportunity for you to print or make photocopies of any material in the library at a very moderate price.
  2. Research Assistant Services: The Library assist users of the library to conduct their research
  3. Selective Dissemination of Information: Relevant and timely information is passed unto faculty as and when available
  4. Off campus access: