Presbyterian University College, Ghana Holds Staff Games

The Staff of Presbyterian University College, Ghana has held its maiden Inter-Campus Staff Sports Festival (CASSFE) at the Asante Akyem (Agogo) campus of the University.

The CASSFE is organized with the objective to foster good relations among staff and also promote staff consciousness in exercising regularly for healthy living.

Two teams were formed to represent the President of the University, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng and the Registrar – Mr. K. Amo Osei to compete in the various disciplines.

The teams engaged in spirited competitions at the games stemming from non-stop “jama” from a section of the staff.

They competed in football, volleyball, lime and spoon race, sack race, oware and draft. While the Amo Osei team won the football and volleyball games by 2 to 1 in both events, the Adow Obeng team won the lime and spoon race, sack race and the oware game.

The CASSFE will be held once in every academic year.